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Fern’s Commission Post, part 2!

So, as mentioned in my writing commission post, my family and I are on a very bad pinch. We currently have the equivalent of only literal 13$ to survive for the next weeks and both mom and I are dependent of medication to be safe and healthy. It’s bad, yes, and I’m here to ask for your help! Not for free, though — in commissions, as you can see!

Now, however, the commissions are for my drawings! Samples of my work are on the links!

More samples: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x)

I’m willing to discuss what you want through fanmail, asks and Skype. I’d rather receive the payment in advance as this is an emergency, so I ask you to be understanding. The delivery of the commission will be done between one and three days; if anything delays the delivery, I’ll warn you in advance. My Paypal is and you can message me at either of these accounts.

I’m willing to draw:

  • Full body shots*.
  • Fandoms, any fandoms.
  • Original characters, as long as I’m provided description/references. 
  • Gore, bruises, blood, etc.
I am not willing to draw, due to the fact I want to keep my work with a decent level of quality.
  • Smut.
  • Multiple characters in the same picture.*
  • Backgrounds.

* It can be discussed, but let it be known it is not my area of expertise.


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